About us

American Grass Seed Producers is involved in the organic sector for the past several years. We buy organic turf grass seed, forage grass seed, clover, wheat, oat, and various cover crop seeds.

We also contract with farmers in the Pacific Northwest for organic production of small grain forage, turf, and cover crop seed.

With Stalford Seed Farms we are working with Oregon State University to create Beetle Banks on organic acreage adjacent to our offices. (See OSU’s “Farmscaping for Beneficials” site.) http://www.ipmnet.org/BeetleBank/Farmscaping_for_Beneficials.html

Recently we visited with our Senators and Representative in Washington, DC, to express our concerns and perspective about the watering down of organic standards, the problems of GMOs (particularly with the new emphasis on biofuels), the need for dependable organic seed stock, and the implications of the new Farm Bill before the US House of Representatives.

Our attendance at the First International Organic Seed Conference in Rome, sponsored by IFO, ISF and IFOAM, the 2005 IFOAM Biennial in Adelaide, and the local Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) field days and workshops demonstrates our commitment to the underlying principles of the organic movement.

Member: Organic Seed Alliance, IFOAM, Oregon Tilth, Organic Consumers Association, ASTA (Organic Division), OSU Sustainability Group, NCAP (Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides)