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There are many reasons we call Equi-Gold “The Horse Pasture Mixture.” Here are just a few. 

Equi-Gold is an all grass pasture mixture formulated by horse owners who have paid close attention for more than 20 years to how horses graze, what horses like to eat, and how horses perform. Paying attention to coat quality and hoof health are just two things that must be constantly done to help insure the well being of your horse.

Horse nutritionists will tell you that the absolute best feed for horses is a growing pasture.  Horse metabolisms utilize grasses best because they have relatively small single stomach made for digesting cellulose.  The fact is horses are happier and healthier on grass. It is important to remember horses also need certain minerals to stay in top shape. For example some soils are deficient in selenium, which is important to your horse’s health, so it is a good idea to have a soil test done to see if a trace mineral block with selenium is necessary for your horse.

Equi-Gold includes grasses that mature at different times throughout the year, which provides a more productive growing season.  Equi-Gold takes into consideration the seed size of different grass species.  For instances Colonial Bentgrass has approximately 7 million seeds per pound and Kentucky bluegrass approximately 2.2 million. Therefore the percentage used in Equi-Gold is much less per volume than the Orchardgrass, Timothy or Brome.  This allows a more uniform distribution of seeds per acre, which will help prevent selective grazing. If at all possible rotational grazing is best to maintain the optimal benefit from your pasture.

Why do some horses seem to thrive on pasture and others need hay or other feed supplement? Sometimes it is because the species used in the pasture mix have not been selected using the proper criteria.  Some people assume that any grass growing in their pastures must be good for grazing.  However many of the species are not forage types, especially Tall Fescues, and some may include high levels of a harmful endophyte. For this reason Equi-Gold does not include any Tall Fescue.

Equi-Gold is a custom mixture so it will meet your specific need.  The mixture may be altered somewhat depending on your preference of wanting a pasture that will only be grazed or one that you would like to take a hay crop of, or a combination of both.  Whatever your choice you will find that Equi-Gold is “The” horse pasture mixture for you and your horse.